Nominations for the 2011 State Design Prize

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The department of trade and industry has once again this year awarded the State Design Prize to the best, most creative and most innovative design solutions for consumer goods, capital goods and physical design. Around 180 entries were put forward in the competition. They were evaluated on the basis of the motto “less is more” by a top-class international jury of specialists. “A successful design has for a long time not been limited simply to an operative process; it also determines the market position, emphasises the individual features of a product, communicates a corporate philosophy and is therefore decisive in terms of guaranteeing success.”

The State Design Prize, which is to be awarded for the 39th time this year, enhances an awareness of design as a decisive competitive factor which is extremely significant for increasing numbers of economic sectors. Creative design solutions are being used more and more as a strategic market tool and form an integral part of a comprehensive corporate policy based on long-term market success. More than 1,200 leading small firms are active in Austria in the design sector.