We have been shaping metal for more than 100 years. We are specialised in the production of small and medium series using deep-drawing, punching and spinning processes. The range of formed parts we produce is as diverse as the industries we serve.
In addition to hydraulic presses for deep drawing, modern CNC-controlled machines are used for metal spinning. Metal spinning or deep drawing? Our experts will tell you which process is the most cost-effective for your requirements.
As a partner to industry, we produce a wide range of special parts from a combination of steel and plastic.

Our customers can count on our decades of know-how in the development and manufacture of their own plastic products. In this sector we also focus on small and medium series production. With the highly specialised ENGEL injection moulding machines, we can fulfil (almost) every requirement of our customers.
We process thermoplastics as well as glass fibre reinforced plastics of fire protection class V0, such as materials such as polypropylene, polystyrene, PET, PPS or PEEK, to name but a few. We manufacture plastic parts for you up to a maximum injection weight of 500 grams. More and more customers rely on our know-how in the production of special plastic parts. We are sure we have the right solution for your requirements.

We have been the specialist for porcelain enamel in Austria for over 70 years. Enamel tableware from Riess can be found in every second Austrian household. Enamelled street signs and signs of Riess can be found from Vienna via Trieste to Frankfurt am Main. In addition to these “standards”, we produce a wide range of special enamel pieces, with which the excellent material properties of enamel are really shown to advantage. Wherever extreme heat stability (fire resistance), UV and weather resistance, abrasion resistance, antibacterial and smooth surfaces without pores are required, customers rely on enamelings from our company.

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