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We are the only enamelling factory in Austria and we always look forward to a visit.

We are happy to carry out factor tours by prior appointment (from a group size of 10 people)
from Monday – Friday between 8.00 and 10.00.
Please plan approx. 1½ hours for this.

Registration and further information:
Teresa Fuchs – Tel: +43 7443 86315 10


  • Welcome & visit to the raw materials production site:
    You experience at close quarters how a pan is made.
  • Visit to the enamelling factory:
    Enamel is glass on iron. You are a witness when the glass mixture is applied to the pan and fused in the kiln at 850°.

After the tour, there is the possibility to buy goods with small cosmetic errors ex stock, at very low prices.

How to find us. Directions
We look forward to your visit!

Make this day an experience!

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