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In a study in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Wieselburg, the environmental effects of production at RIESS were investigated all along the added value chain raw material – transport – production, and it was determined that the environment and/or atmosphere is not polluted with any additional CO2 emissions during manufacture of a product.

On the basis of these results, the first eco label for CO2 neutral manufacture for cookware was developed, and tested by consumers.

The new eco label by RIESS shows the consumers the CO2 neutrality of RIESS products at a glance, in the three phases from raw material to transport, right up to the finished porcellain enamel cookware.

The label provides good orientation amongst the multitude of products offered when purchasing, and ensures that you are making a contribution to preserving nature by buying.

You can find more details on this in the press release.
Download study University of Applied Sciences Wieselburg as *pdf