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9 buns in porcellain enamel pans

Piaty’s famous Wuchteln or buns with dough are now baked, to order, in original Riess porcellain enamel pans. The pan from the enamel-ware producer, Riess, thanks to its collaboration with the cake shop, is much more than an eye-catching gimmick. At the confectioner’s, Karl Piaty, the pan is filled with tasty buns – always known as “Wuchteln” in Waidhofen.

And the best is that you only pay for the pan and get the buns free

Karl Piaty – Baker and confectioner
Unterer Stadtplatz 39
A-3340 Waidhofen / Ybbs
Tel: +43 7442 53110 – Fax 40
Mobile: +43 676 91 92 993

We bake our top quality buns fresh, three times a day! Please order your buns in their “Riess pan” the day before at the latest!